Reducing Sun Damage

sunburnSun damage to our skin happens. Whether you grew up in an era where sunscreen was not considered important, forgot to apply, or reapply your sunscreen or were trying for that golden tan, it happens. Some people are just more genetically prone to develop those spots. Whatever the cause, there are ways to fight back!

Luckily these treatments can be done during the summer! With proper planning and sun protection, these treatments are safe and effective.

The first step is a great skincare routine.

sun protectionSkincare doesn’t have to be elaborate and for sun damaged skin I recommend the following:

  1. SPF – At least an SPF 30 applied daily, regardless of the weather. Today we know that sun damage is cumulative throughout the day and does not require you to be outside for a certain amount of time. Even blue light from screens and lighting can lead to skin damage. What is the best Sunscreen? The one you enjoy wearing the most that feels good on your skin- this guarantees you will use it.
  2. Vitamin C – Clinically, vitamin C has been shown to help reduce signs of sun damage. Vitamin C stabilizes skin cells that have been damaged by free radicals (i.e., pollution, sun damage). Look for one with L ascorbic acid (most stable formulation) and a concentration of 20%.
  3. Retinoid/Retinols – These are vitamin A based topicals that help increase cellular turnover in skin, helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and can also reduce the darkness of sunspots.
  4. Moisturizer – one that is absorbed well into the skin. Hydrated skin looks and feels so much better than dehydrated skin!

Second step, treatments!

Kaizen offers a number of skin treatments to help control the appearance of sun damage. While we cannot permanently remove these spots, as the cells have been changed and they may reappear over time, our treatments can help your skin look clearer and smoother.

  1. IPL – Intense pulsed light. This treatment targets dark pigmentation and breaks it up. It works best to target brown pigments, as well as red. It is a great treatment for brown spots, redness from little veins, as well as rosacea.
  2. Microneedling – Helps break up pigment and stimulate collagen. This creates a smoother, more consistent complexion. This treatment is also great for scars.
  3. SmoothGlo – a combination of IPL and Microneedling to create synergistic results. Multiple treatments for dramatic and lasting effects or can be used as a “red carpet” treatment to prepare for an event.
  4. Peels – work by combining acids to help lighten dark spots. Also creates a smooth, luminous complexion.

Third step, Enjoy!

Remember to use your SPF to protect your results. We offer all of these treatments at Kaizen and more. Please feel free to come by for a free consultation and let us get you ready for, protect you, and repair you from the sun.



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