Alma Duo™ for Men

A revolutionary new innovation for me, Alma Duo is a fast, pain-free, in-office treatment* that stimulates blood flow, helping you to be ready for anything. No matter the moment, no matter the place. Men who have performance issues that are vascular related are the best Duo candidates.

Developed by the pioneers of shock wave technology, the patented Alma Duo® technology uses the gold standard shock wave therapy — focused low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy (LIESWT) – to stimulate blood flow and support function for men and women, bringing spontaneity and pleasure back into their lives.

Introducing a revolutionary treatment* for men and women

First introduced in the 1970s for stone fragmentation, LI-ESWT has since evolved to successfully address medical concerns in orthopedics for its anti-inflammatory benefits and in cardiology to promote angiogenesis, the formation of blood vessels. This patented shock wave therapy causes mechanical stress to the treatment* site, triggering a cascade of wound-healing responses to stimulate better blood flow and restore more natural function.


No Downtime

Quick 15-minute, in-office treatment requiring no topical anesthetic and no recovery time


Non-Invasive & Effective

Helps support natural function without prescription drugs, needles or surgery


Long-Lasting Results

Long-term results clinically validated at least one year post treatment*


At Long Last

Finally, an emerging treatment category to support functional needs that affect millions of men and women

LI eswt

Advanced acoustics technology generates low-intensity shockwaves (LI-ESWT) that penetrate deep into the skin, inducing mechanical stress. This triggers the body’s wound-healing function, eventually stimulating neovascularization at the focused site, enabling better blood flow.

Always be Ready With prescription ED drugs, there is a 30–60-minute wait between taking a dose and feeling its effects; and while vacuum-constricted devices can induce an erection, they may leave patients feeling bruised - not to mention awkward. With Duo, patients can be confident in their ability to perform, as and when the occasion arises.

A Non-Invasive Alternative

Penile injection twice or three times a week may be effective, but they require user experience to administer and can be an uncomfortable experience. Duo is completely non-invasive, involving no needles and no pain.

Alma Duo noninvasive treatment

Quick Treatment. No Side Effects. Long-Term Results A series of six 15-minute treatments over the course of three weeks, with no recovery time and no side effects (unlike ED medications) is all it takes to achieve results, and most patients enjoy the benefits for at least a year.



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